Sunday, May 11, 2008

Waiting for Stephy

by Ken Houghton

During all the "gas tax holiday" contretemps last week, I kept asking if Obama had any plan, other than to sit there and let Johnny Mac run as a "populist."

The two responses were "Well, Obama said that the cut enacted in the Illinois legislature, of which about 60% went to consumer, did nothing to help the consumer" and "He wants to stop putting oil into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve."

I leave explaining the first to The Mendacity-Finding Duo of Greg Mankiw and Brad DeLong.

For the second, however, we now see (via Some Assembly Required), we find that stopping putting oil in the SPR is expected to do even less than the gas tax cut.

Waiting patiently for Stephanopoulos to ask Obama about that. (At least his response probably won't have all the economists in the blogsphere whining.)

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The roads and/or transit systems of the Great State to Our South need the money more than the combo of Illinoisians and oil companies. I reiterate that Obama's the only candidate who bothers to mention transportation among his policy positions.
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