Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Great Thing about Blogging

by Ken Houghton

This has been said better than I, ad nauseam, by others but it always bears repeating: blogs prove to people that You Are Not Alone.

Case in Point: Ann Wilmer's blog Cake for Breakfast, in which she talks about caring for her mother, who is in the later stages of her life, and Alzheimer's.

I too wish she had started the blog sooner, but the elegiac ending—not to mention the notes on sources for help with Alzheimer's and, especially, for information on how to get help keeping parents at home with you—are not to be missed.

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Thanks for your kind words, Ken.

I didn't think anyone but relatives read it. I was thinking about taking it down but I guess I won't know, if something I wrote could help someone else.

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