Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dear Mad, You and Danny Don't Exist.

by Ken Houghton

Via Roy, I discover that the San Francisco of Victor David Hanson's, er, mind consists of:
smartly dressed yuppies, wealthy gays... What is missing are school children, middle class couples with strollers, and any sense the city has a vibrant foundation of working-class, successful families of all races and backgrounds...

My wife's relatives work in San Francisco and live in Albany, but they're doctors and lawyers. (Though—sorry, Julie, Howard, and Mike—not many would confuse most of them with being "smartly dressed" in the VDH sense of the phrase.)

So I guess Mad at EoB doesn't exist, since VDH's SF "reminds [him] of H.G.l Wels Eloi and Morlocks," and I've never seen her wear as much eye shadow as Yvette Mimieux in this film (though it's possible that Sarcasm Girl can stay).

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