Thursday, May 04, 2006

The only good Lucas news

by Ken Houghton

Original 'Star Wars' films coming to DVD

For those who wonder why we all loved Han Solo and identified some RedShirt saying "He's a great pilot, give him a ship" as just some Jeff Goldstein wet dream, this may be the first chance to see the truth.

The bad news: the kids get three new Frisbees as well:
Each release, distributed by 20th Century Fox, will be a two-disc set that also includes the digitally tweaked 2004 edition.

While RedShirt is still an under-five, he'll get paid for the "sale." Discuss as an example of irrationality in economics. Present Tufte-ized graphic of MC from the consumer's POV.
Oh, I am buying those! I was all cocky because I'd hung onto my videotapes of the original trilogy--I figured I'd never see them on DVD. Wonder who held the gun to George's head...?
A vision of the Star Destroyer loads of money did he have.
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