Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Putting the "F" in TtFTE

by Tom Bozzo

Site Meter was telling me that several Googlers were searching the term "Thomas the Tank Engine Lead Recall," leading me to wonder WTF.

Sure enough, there is one, announced today — related to lead-based paint used on an array of those rather pricey TtFTE vehicles. Details of the affected products are here. Not too surprisingly, our little Thomas fiends have several of the affected items. Maybe yours do, too.

In any event, it's yet another chance to wonder if there are any limits to the depths to which E. coli capitalism will sink.

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OMFG! In what sort of toy manufacturing meeting did they decide to use lead paint? Who even uses lead paint for anything anymore? Is this some elaborate hoax?
Like I said at my place, I owe you one, Tom. We have -- no, I can't bring myself to admit how many of them we have. I'm just profoundly grateful that Baby Blue was never one to eat trains.
And here I thought the ill effects of TtFTE were limited to parent's mental health and kid's gender sterotypes.
Tina: The magic of globalization is that nobody had to decide that (at least not on the U.S. distributor's side). Their contract almost surely was for toys meeting CSPC specs. Then the 'market' drive to deliver the product at a low, low cost on the supply side (and to count the money and not look too closely on the distribution end) does the rest! Though it would be funnier, in a way, if someone actually were toasting "Gentlemen, to evil!"

PS: We have a lot to go back, too. (And have relatively recent lead test results, courtesy [we thought] of the old house, suggesting our kids aren't toy-suckers, either.) Though the dent in the collection was such that John actually took the news that James was going to the Works for a few weeks with total equanimity.

Kim: Heh indeedy. BTW, we learned that in one of the circles of hell, the demons take two of the Sodor Musical Cabooses and play the Thomas theme song slightly out of sync with them.
We've got two of 'em.

Can you say "Made in China"?

Globalization is a wonderful thing. FYI, if you buy toothpaste at the dollar store, that's been recalled, too, because anti-freeze (diethelyne glycol) is a cheaper artificial sweetener than glycerin.
The magic of the market at work!
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