Monday, June 11, 2007

The WSJ Editorial Page: Fumbling Toward Accuracy

by Ken Houghton

From today's Featured (i.e., non-firewalled) editorial:
Mr. Gates seems to think he can succeed as the anti-Rumsfeld by appeasing the likes of Mr. Levin, but his kowtow only makes Mr. Bush look weaker as a Commander in Chief who can't even select his own war generals.

As the Sainted Donald Rumsfeld once said, "You go to war with the generals you selected."

But catch the follow-on, which appears to claim that the Democrats fought with the Administration and won:
Mr. Levin was quick to brag about his latest conquest, confirming for reporters that he had told Mr. Gates that General Pace's nomination would have resulted in a fight. The Democrat will now return Mr. Gates's favor by holding Senate hearings on the Administration's detainee and interrogation policy. Mr. Levin is seeking thousands of documents to further embarrass Mr. Bush, and we're told Mr. Gates is urging the White House counsel's office to accommodate the Democrat.

How vile! But surely this cannot be true, as the Democrats always cave; the meme is that they have a "lack of resolve."

Someone needs to tell the WSJ editorial page to Get With the Program.

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