Thursday, September 13, 2007

"It's in your DNA"

by Ken Houghton

The Avon girls* were passing out St. Derek of Pasta Diving (tm - Scott L) new cologne, Driven,** so I had to visit LG&M Thursday.

Well worth the trip.*** It's nice to see that that messy "Iraq" thing has been solved and we can go back to important work:
[Senator Mitch McConnell]’s “deeply disappointed” the new Democratic-controlled Congress has not tackled the “tough issues,” like Social Security…

Besides their “preoccupation” with the Iraq war, Democrats spend their time dreaming of “taxation, regulation and litigation. It’s in their DNA.”

It's a good thing, as I noted Wednesday, that Jane GaltMegan McArdle assures us that we can ignore anything a politician says; otherwise, I might start thinking that the Republicans are trying to distract us from the war and pay for their exorbitant spending with the Greenspan Committee's payroll tax increase that both (1) was scheduled to pay the Boomer retirements and (2) even now was rather accurate in its demographic projections, and moderately pessimistic about productivity and revenue gains.

Headline Reference should be clear to EOB readers. See here for album picture.

*Phrase used advisedly. While at my age anyone Suzanne's age or younger can fairly be considered a "young woman," these two appeared barely old enough to carry a Trapper-Keeper.

**The cologne was named, one guesses, because it is the answer (along with "He was...") to "How did Derek Jeter get to a ball hit four steps to his right?"

***I have to assume that this
Given rural Kentuckans' well known hatred for Federal entitlement programs, dismantling Social Security is a sure winner for Mitch, but it's still kind of surprising to see a Republican in a border state try to shift the focus from the war to domestic issues...

is a joke (possibly unintentional), since without those Federal entitlement payments, the state of Kentucky would be at least $500MM a year poorer [PDF]. If we assume they are rational, then cutting SocSec and Medicare payments should be the last thing on a Kentuckian's mind.

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