Monday, August 30, 2004

Blog from Minnesota III: St. Paul Mayor Syndrome

by Tom Bozzo

The Star Tribune editorializes against the campaign to recall notionally Democratic St. Paul mayor Randy Kelly for campaigning for President Bush.

Their logic is relatively sound. Minnesota law apparently limits recalls to cases of "malfeasance" or "nonfeasance" -- a threshold that does not seem to be met, whatever being in the company of Zell Miller might make one otherwise.

What's interesting is that this story and the minor kerfluffle (barely mentioned at Wonkette!?)over Laurie Coleman's cheesecakey publicity pictures reminded me that the St. Paul mayor's office has yielded two turncoat Democrats in a row. Perhaps the DFL should test the water for long-acting psychedelic substances.

Actually it's the less pretty Coleman who seems to have the malfeasance issues, according to this widely linked op-ed from the Sunday paper (via Atrios among other first-tier bloggers). According to deputy editorial page editor Jim Boyd, Sen. Coleman submitted an piece to the Star Tribune opinion page containing a number of demonstrable untruths regarding former Amb. Joseph Wilson. Upon request, Coleman's office excised most but not all of the offending statements. After a request to substantiate the remaining statment reportedly went unanswered, the piece did not run.
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