Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Stupid Headline Watch II: Washington Post edition

by Tom Bozzo

Iraq: FUBAR. Trade and budget deficits: unsustainable. Economy: undead, at best. Our public discourse: trashed.

"Kerry Drops Ball With Packers Fans" by Jim VandeHei

This story is nearly 1,000 words of sheer clowning on page A9 about a slip of the tongue where Kerry last month called the place the Packers play "Lambert Field" instead of Lambeau Field. This sounds like it has plausible deniability for a simple slip of the tongue, though evidently our golden tongued leader can't resist the opportinity to attack. (Kerry has apparently also made a couple other shocking sports mascot slips on the road, too.)

This was news to me, even though VandeHei contends that it was carried in "papers throughout the state."

Fact check: a search of the archives of the Packers-besotted Wisconsin State Journal and Capital Times revealed a single story, at the bottom of an August 30 column (which generates three search hits, apparently due to multiple Cap Times editions), by local liberal gadfly Stu Levitan. This is not prime placement of the story.

I recall Wonkette noting restlessness among the Kerry press corps. So I offer KE04 some friendly advice: send a bottle or two of Scotch to the back of the plane.

Evening update: In light of Nicholas Kristof's "glass house" piece in today's Times, I've been reminded of the following:
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