Monday, August 30, 2004

Republican National Convention: No Class

by Tom Bozzo

I interrupt the ongoing series of reflections on the recent Minnesota trip to say that I had better not watch the RNC while working out again, lest the festivities there induce a major cardiovascular event.

Two examples of their M.O., from less than 30 minutes of CNN viewing (I was trying to read an old BusinessWeek for distraction part-time):

- Delegates are wearing band-aids as a statement regarding the 'scratch wounds' John Kerry received in Vietnam. Of course, this is in no way coordinated with the Bush-Cheney campaign, never mind this being a certified Republican spin point (scroll down to the "Bob Dole, Draft Evader" subhead).

- George Pataki claims that Kerry triangulates all of his positions based on polling, in contrast to the President who would never ever consider the political angle of his decisions. (Recall it was Bush's own ex-director of faith-based initiatives who coined the term "Mayberry Macchiavellis" before a horse's head was delivered to his residence he humbly retracted his unfortunate choice of words.)
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