Saturday, October 30, 2004

Notes From the (vicinity of the) Penultimate Outdoor Farmer's Market

by Tom Bozzo

Today was baby Julia's first trip to Marigold Kitchen, which (probably with some help from the drizzle, which kept us away from the square proper) was slammed as usual. In contrast to a trip the weekend of the Madison Ironman, when kitchen delays exacerbated by lots of very thin people getting takeout pushed the Two-Year-Old (and his folks) just past the brink, service was brisk.

BC'04 stickers on Marigold Kitchen patrons are not completely unheard-of, but we saw none inside or out. What we did see was a lot of Kerry/Edwards yard signs being hauled away from the square (plus a college-aged trio with some to hand out at the Regent/West Wash intersection), so evidently someone in the KE campaign or the local Dems wisely pulled a Milo Minderbinder and worked around the KE yard sign shortage (link via Michael Froomkin) to help capitalize on the rally buzz.

Meanwhile, in commercial food land, in contrast to Nina's checkout experience from yesterday with a member of the apathetic left (a group that recently had me and one of my neighbors who had been out doing some canvassing scratching our heads, too), our Woodman's checker this afternoon had been to the Thursday rally, thought it was awesome, and was very enthusiastic about Kerry and the election.
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