Friday, October 15, 2004

Welcome, Julia!

by Tom Bozzo

Check the main page for baby updates.

Julia Helen Lee, born 8:41 A.M. Friday, October 15, 2004. 8 lb., 5 oz., 20 inches.

Early afternoon checkup.

Big brother, meet baby sister.

She's gorgeous! Congratulations to the happy family. - Jen, Sal & Nic Braico
She's absolutely beautiful! Congratulations. I just love all that hair.
Congrats! She is lovely (and boy how her big brother has grown) - Tammy
You guys will be pro's in no time! Congratulations - she is just beautiful. Enjoy. -Claire and Tom
Congratulations to you on the birth of Julia!!!! She is gorgeous. Hope to drop off dinner for you guys soon. I will call... Mariko and Tom Patterson
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