Saturday, October 09, 2004

Where Would We Be Without Fafblog!?

by Tom Bozzo

Rather than try to take apart David Brooks' delusional op-ed, which purports to explain how Saddam's ability to game the UN oil for food program made him far more dangerous than if he had, in fact, had WMD, the ability to produce WMD, etc. (a task which would require re-reading the piece and the attendant risk of sanity-loss), I can simply quote the inimitable Fafnir:

In his closing statement George Bush warns the audience that Americans must not change their strategy, their channel, or their physical position, because to do so would be to waver before terror. As of this writing Charles Krauthammer and David Brooks have starved to death in front of C-SPAN.

(Note, follow the link for a very funny rendition of Kerry's close.)
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