Thursday, October 07, 2004

Go Big John!

by Tom Bozzo

Fresh state polls show Wisconsin leaning toward Kerry/Edwards. It's about time.

Here in Madison, there seems to be a lot more visible support for Kerry than there was for Gore in 2000 -- 25 houses, more than one-third, on Nakoma Rd. (a commuter route through our upscale former neighborhood, for out-of-town visitors) for Kerry, zero for Bush last weekend. Lots of Kerry and zero or near zero Bush signage in Dudgeon-Monroe, Midvale Heights, Hill Farms and even University Heights! (Maple Bluff lake houses, with at least one notable exception, seem to be going for Bush, I'm sorry to say.) Also, Baldwin and Feingold signs are abundant.

This is notable as strong intensity of Democratic sentiment in Madison makes it tough on Bush, Magnum and Michels.

Update 10/8/04: A handful of Bush-Cheney signs spotted on Pickford and Glenway Sts., still vastly outnumbered by KE'04 signs.

My own two cents...

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