Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Note to Readers

by Tom Bozzo

Due to an unexpectedly early toddler wakeup, this morning's blogging activity is limited to Jeremy Freese's comments. Blogging may be slow for the next few days as we adjust to no longer having grandma assistance around the house.

My original JFW comment was partly a reference to Nicholas Kristof's October 27 column in the Times (now in the paid archives) on President Bush's relationship with truth, and thus was more on-topic to another recent JFW post. But the meta-truth of Jeremy's post is unironically true. (My preferred example, as a member of the cashless society, is the stack of paperwork I get at Sentry Hilldale from charging the occasional carry-out lunch item.)

This was also the first time I've been called "Tommy" since my 9th grade science teacher used it to distinguish me from another kid named Tom in the class -- who, admittedly, did not look like a "Tommy" at all.
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