Thursday, November 18, 2004

Chapman Street is Dead. Long Live Chapman Street!

by Tom Bozzo

While the cool kids were out dining and karaoke-ing yesterday evening, I was sharpening the tines on my pitchfork and assembling torches over the latest administration trial balloons on income tax reform. More about that in a later post.

In the meanwhile, we're celebrating a return to normality here at the ranch, as the destruction and reconstruction of our street winds down. Here, with gratuitous pictures of the children thrown in, is a photo recap...

1. August 30. Arrival of the first trucks may be seen behind the boy.

2. October 2. Approaching the zenith of destruction, the street is reduced to a mudflat. Heavy equipment outside the house provides hours of toddler entertainment.

3. October 14. We -- and our across-the-street neighbors -- preach to the workmen.

4. October 21. Falling leaves, lovely tan film on the (side) street.

5. October 27. The end of the ordeal comes into view as construction equipment arrives.

6. November 13. We have pavement back! There are still some trucks, but the neighbors can park on the street and are spared long grocery schleps.

7. November 17. A big pile of dirt! Just what I always wanted!!

8. If you've made it this far down, here's that gratuitous baby picture.

Ah! Back to pink! Beautiful as always. I worried in an earlier picture that her brother had dumped her somewhere in a mudpile. You know, sibling stuff.
Oh, ooops! That was taken before she was even born. What a relief.
I'm happy to say that things would have been OK even if you had been thinking about yesterday's big pile of dirt. Last weekend, it seemed like we might have been near a tipping point, but love of "baby ister" has been running high this week.
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