Saturday, November 13, 2004

Whither the Blog?

by Tom Bozzo

So we caught the Wisconsin Chamber Choir earlier this evening -- Suzanne sang with them in pre-baby days -- and on the way out the door, a friend of ours who had visited when this site's main purpose was to spread baby pictures asked whether I'd been posting much political commentary of late.

What immediately came to mind was the headline looking up from the Capital Times divider of Marigold Kitchen's newspaper rack this morning: Blue State of Mind.

I've kept up a stream of posts to keep myself distracted and, hopefully, to keep the small but loyal readership here mildly amused, but I haven't been brimming with inspiration. This may or may not be better than the arrival of the Festival at JFW (less pressure on the proprietor, at least).

Expect somewhat more random thoughts than usual for a while, amidst the baby pictures, as equilibrium is re-established.
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