Monday, November 08, 2004

That Forthcoming George Lucas Documentary

by Tom Bozzo

A colleague screened the Star Wars Episode III teaser trailer for the Christensen Associates Star Wars faithful last week (against all reason, there are still some of us). It's now very prominently linked from the homepage.

Short review: dark, very dark.

In the meanwhile, it may be time to put Thomas Pynchon's Vineland on the to-be-re-read stack. (See also Elaine Safer, "Pynchon's World and Its Legendary Past: Humor and the Absurd in a Twentieth-Century Vineland," Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, 32. no. 2 [Winter 1990]:107-125.) I've been bogged down at the start of the Bellerophoniad in John Barth's Chimera, and Robert Rubin's In An Uncertain World is a little too heartbreaking under the present circumstances.

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