Friday, December 10, 2004

Bizarre Love Triangle

by Tom Bozzo

I can't believe this stuff starts so early.

There are two adorable girls in John's playgroup, call them Q. and Z. (not their real initials, which will do no good if their moms read this), a few weeks older than John, who regular readers may recall is just past two. My impression is that Z. would be the queen bee.

Q. loves John. At snacktime, she wanted to give him a piece of cheese, but was too shy to do so herself. So Q. gave Suzanne the cheese to give to John another boy in the group, who wanted the cheese, which John had not yet seen. Q. also "wrote John a letter." We haven't seen the letter, so I don't know exactly what this means.

Meanwhile, John, while aware of Q's existence, is rather more infatuated with Z., who happens to have been a bit physically rough with John for a while a few months ago — since corrected to Z.'s parents' credit. While Daddy blogs, John comes up and says "See babies! Pictures of [Z.]," a demand that to see the contents of the iPhoto database containing, among other things, a few pictures of Q. and Z. On election afternoon, I took John to one of our local parks to blow off some toddler steam, when who should arrive but Z. and Z.'s mom. John, who had been busy sliding up to then, stopped playing and looked on slackjawed from about 20 feet as Z. did her thing.

Some underdog bias makes me want to pull for Q.
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