Friday, December 31, 2004

The Island of Lost Posts V: Enemy Colors

by Tom Bozzo

I've since survived a trip to the Kohl Center in which the critter on my red sweatshirt was a reptile and the "W" was upside-down (though my team didn't), so I can now perhaps be less paranoid about going to early Fall markets wearing opposing colors.

Still, it was sleep deprivation or something that saw us slip and take John to Dotty's on Julia's 0th birthday wearing a Northwestern sweatshirt, acquired on a campus tour by my mother (and visible in the bottom photo here), on what was obviously a game day for some major Wisconsin sport.

The undergrads John was flirting with seemed to be understanding.

This was meant to be part of a "hospital diary" series from our stay for Julia's birth, but there turned out to be less time to kill blogging than I'd anticipated.
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