Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My Kerry Bumper Sticker: A Survey

by Tom Bozzo

Update 2: If you're looking for new content, please scroll down — there are a few weekend posts below. As for the poll, "No" retains a substantial lead, but "Yes" picked up its first vote over the wekend. I have not yet voted.

Update: I've post-dated this item to keep it on top of the blog for a few days.

It's December 17, the Ohio electors have voted, and my John Kerry bumper sticker is still on the car. As a Madisonian, I am far from alone in this situation.

But I have to say, what started as a form of protest and evolved into a matter of benign neglect is now starting to get me down. But not that much, yet. I also don't really know whether people seeing it would be more inclined to say "there, there" or "[sore] loser." So I'm seeking feedback on before I get my fingers cold taking the darn thing off.

Gentle readers, please take a moment of your time and answer the survey question below. TIA.

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