Thursday, December 23, 2004

Poll Closed; Kerry Sticker Stays

by Tom Bozzo

The final tally from the poll on the fate of my Kerry bumper sticker is as follows:

Stick it to Ken Mehlman: 6
Don't fight the power: 2.

The sticker stays, at least through the winter.

Suzanne, whose vote would have been disproportionately influential had I somehow seen a gaggle of conservative readers voting for removal, says she voted to keep it. I also had an extra-blog conversation with some friends who reported being cheered by seeing other cars with Kerry stickers driving around. (One of them did remove a "B U _ _ S H _ _" sticker from one of their cars shortly after the election.)

These went a long way to changing the decisive vote, not counted in the above totals, from leaning towards removal to a stay of execution.

My guesstimate is that this blog has 10-15 more-or-less regular readers, so the response rate on the poll was not too bad, assuming transient visitors mostly ignored it. (I don't actually know who voted or how.)
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