Monday, January 17, 2005

Revenue Non-Maximization at Blackwell

by Tom Bozzo

Re that last post, the item on today's Wisconsin State Journal business page I really wantes to comment on is actually a reprinted San Jose Mercury News item (link presently in limbo, sorry, and the original is in the Mercury News paid archives) describing a study of attitudes towards parents in the workplace.

However, Blackwell wants a ridiculous $25 for 30 days' access to the full text of the Journal of Social Issues article referenced therein. I wonder if there is any significant demand for legal a la carte access at those terms. NBER at least passes the laugh test with its $5 working papers.

Sadly, I'm not remotely powerful enough to have a worshipful personal assistant to send to the UW library to get me unlimited access to the article for a "fair use" straining $2, or whatever the actual photocopying charges might turn out to be. Yet my time is too valuable to go after the damned thing myself on a lark. (But still I blog. Go figure.)

It is presently a matter of tomorrow morning's mood as to whether I will find fault with the article based on its abstract and the Mercury News reporting, with the logic of Maureen Dowd's "Men Just Want Mommy" column (reprinted in Sunday's State Journal), or something completely different. Stay tuned, late night visitors!
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