Monday, January 31, 2005

"We raised our glasses to the kids, and they raised their juice boxes back to us."

by Tom Bozzo

That's what happens when the worlds of children's and grown-up rock almost collide, says yesterday's Times profile of Chicagoland children's music phenomenon Ralph Covert.

We are already among Ralph's "secret fans," and were mostly interested minutiae like the title quote and the background to an inside joke about the Old Town School of Folk Music in Ralph's rendition of "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" (on "At the Bottom of the Sea").

It was interesting to see Ralph's World's cumulative album sales reported at approximately 120,000. That's enormous for an indie label, but small enough to afford us a degree of superiority over at least some hip coastal parents. (Ralph's sales probably are at least moderately concentrated in the Chicago area, though the review here was penned by a college friend who lives in lower Manhattan.)

Madison-area parents note: Ralph's World will play the Wisconsin Union Theater on March 6, benefiting Friends of UW Hospital and Clinics.
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