Friday, February 25, 2005

Link Bombing

by Tom Bozzo

I see that "Oscar" and I are, in fact, on with a little link game he cooked up at blogger dinner. We have both, between our organically appearing links and our respective directed efforts, ascended to Slithering Reptile status in the TTLB ecosystem. Embarrassingly, I see that Oscar has moved me much closer to the next level ("flappy bird") than I've moved him. So I clearly need to get on the ball (or off it, were I a particular baseball collector). And every link is an example of why The Columnist Manifesto is one of my actual favorite blogs.

If others can chip in a total of three or four Columnist Manifesto links, I figure Oscar should be a "flappy bird" at the end of the next round of TTLB processing, assuming we aren't banned first.

(Note: After further considering the Gresham's Law implications, I've concluded, "What the heck." It's not exactly like we're spambots; on the contrary, this is more like a public art project. Plus, I'm not actually diminishing any informational value of blog links, since I actually do want you to read Oscar if you aren't already doing so. So there!)

Update: See also Brad DeLong for some theory, and also here (via DeLong) at 'super hanc petram.'
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