Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Film At 11:55

by Tom Bozzo

Images from blogger dinner, with A, presently non-blogging B, birthday boy F, O, plus Suzanne and me, in attendance; C graciously hosted and cooked up several storms' worth of delicious food.

A menu to make some bloggers very happy.

Do you want to know what's so funny? Trust me, you don't.

Jeremy says, "I rule." Regarding what, I can't recall.

The main event: Jeremy with his cake.

Addendum: See also reflections from C here (scroll down past the iris as needed), plus portraits of certain attendees.
It is evident that Jeremy is intending to eat the whole cake by himself.
It does my old heart good to see vibrant people having such clean, wholesome fun. The world sorely needs more of it. Esther
Anon. #1: You would've if you could've.

Esther: Not all of the fun was clean, but it was wholesome. Or maybe it was the other way around (I blame the wine). It was fun, though!
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