Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Correction

by Tom Bozzo

The Medium Lobster says that I am wrong about the estate tax:
The estate tax isn't just a wanton infliction of state violence upon Paris Hilton's God-given right to a tax-free mountain of money; it does not merely desecrate the solemnity of a loved one's stock portfolio; it is a dangerous regulation of the cosmic forces of Life and Death - and one that can only end in apocalyptic destruction...

For if income tax dissuades the living rich from being rich, then the death tax can only dissuade the dead rich from dying. Indeed, the more the government taxes our nation's most resourceful robber barons' estates upon their deaths, the greater incentive they have to not die at all - or worse, to rise from their graves and feast on the flesh of the living...
Since the Medium Lobster's ex cathedra pronouncements transcend fallibility, I defer to my epistemic better and confess my previous error.
If I'm reading that correctly--I'm not, but just pretend--the Medium Lobster is noting that getting rid of the Estate and Gift Tax entirely will cause many scions to, er, "allow" their parents to die.
The Medium Lobster's ways are mysterious, but I suppose that's a correct interpretation. The question is then how that balances against the parents' tax incentives for becoming undead.
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