Monday, April 18, 2005

The Frontrunner

by Tom Bozzo

Hans Küng on Ratzinger: "His ideology is a medieval, anti-Reformation, anti-modern paradigm of the church and the papacy." Oh, joy.

Ratzinger is still the individual frontrunner in the TradeSports papal succession market — yesterday's Times had reports on background suggesting he had amassed a bloc of just under half the electors — though the late move in the market has been to a combination of Francis Arinze and the "field" (i.e., everyone for whom no contract is defined). With no news on the wires at this writing, I'm curious to know if any real information is reflected in the move.

I'll let Jeremy report on how the moves in the market have affected him so far, but it looks like he has some paper profits as the PAPACY.ITALY contract has plummeted and the PAPACY.FIELD contract has soared since he placed his wagers the weekend before last.

Update 4/19/05, noon CDT: Cardinal Ratzinger is now Pope Benedict XVI. Oh, joy. At least Jeremy should have come out ahead in his papal succession market operations.
It's hard to understand why anyone listens to Hans Kung anymore. He's more of a dinosaur than the people he judges.
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Robert, you need more than that to establish Ratzinger's pro-Reformation and pro-modernity credentials.

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If Robert could do that, he would be 1/3 of the way to Sainthood.

Ratzinger's election was much-aided by the over-80-not-eligible-to-vote rule. Whatever happened to "a jury of his peers"??
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