Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bushisms #2: A Tester for Conservative Audiophiles

by Tom Bozzo

This one (via Dan Froomkin's White House Briefing) goes out to Joe Malchow.
Offering young workers a 1930's-era retirement system is like trying to persuade them that vinyl LPs are better than iPods.
One thing that confuses me about the new "modernization" label for Social Security privatization (administration motto: if privatization private personal accounts doesn't work, try try again) is that I'd think conservative audiences would be particularly attuned to the issue that newer is not necessarily better.

Update 4/26/05: Joe responds and describes himself as an "audio liberal." I have to give him that one and say that I'm basically an audio conservative with some libertarian tendencies (i.e., I won't begrudge youth their newfangled playback technologies, and I use some of them myself).

However, I have to say that for true retirement savings choice, my suggestion is also on the conservative side: open an IRA, select suitable investment(s), and put saved money in the account.
The much-maligned vinyl still gives--with the proper system--a more complete and enticing audio experience than an iPod.

This is another case of VHS beating Beta--convenience sells, while superior quality is undetectable to most consumers, especially if you are playing "War Pigs," "Dream On," "Hit Me Baby One More Time," or "Almost."
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