Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday Random Ten: Lunchtime Spot the Pattern Edition

by Tom Bozzo

Fire up digital audio player, etc.

The lunch shuffle loves female vocals (#1, 3, 4, 8; backup on #9) and Kiwis (#5, 7). In honor of David Horowitz's problems with control-C, I am here too lazy to use the shift key:

1. air miami, afternoon train, me me me.
2. buzzcocks, just lust, singles going steady.
3. mekons, ghosts of american astronauts, so good it hurts.
4. ivy, ocean city girl, in the clear.
5. the chills, frantic drift, kaleidoscope world.
6. the mighty lemon drops, my biggest thrill (live), happy head and out of hand.
7. the chills, dead web, submarine bells.
8. velocity girl, the all-consumer, simpatico.
9. the pastels, baby honey, up for a bit with the pastels.
10. versus, solar democrat, the stars are insane.

And did you think I would let this meme die? In honor of friends presently across the ocean, le googlation anglais-fran├žais-anglais:

1. air Miami, train of afternoon, I I I.
2. the buzzcocks, covetousness right, chooses outward journey regularly.
3. let us mekons, phantoms of the American astronauts, so good it wounds.
4. .ivy, girl of town of ocean, in open space.
5. the cold, unrestrained drift, world of kaleidoscope.
6. powerful lemon falls, my greater quiver (live), happy head and out of any reflexion.
7. the cold, died sequence, bells submarines.
8. girl speed, the all-consumer, simpatico.
9. pastels, honey of baby, to the top of for a little with the pastels.
10. against, the solar democrat, the stars are alienated.
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