Monday, June 06, 2005


by Tom Bozzo

With Mac-on-Intel now confirmed to be happening soon-ish, what's a boy with a tired first-generation PowerBook G4 to do?

In the territory of questionable sanity, upgrading my ADC membership to a level that would let me obtain a "Developer Transition System" has crossed my mind...
I don't know what to think either. I think it will be good for apple in the long run, though the transition to intel chips might be pretty hard, unless the emulation of the powerpc chips is about perfect. After Motorola failed to deliver on MHz with G4s and now with IBM failing with the G5s, I guess Apple really has no other choice.

If you use X11 at all, perhaps this opens the door to a lot more linux applications that have been compiled to work on pentiums.
new powerbooks with evil inside by next June?
I'd assume that the lines currently using G4s will be first to go over... I can't imagine those with dual-2.7-GHz G5s are exactly clamoring for the P4, and I'd think they were likelier to need to run legacy Altivec code, which the 'Rosetta' emulator doesn't do.
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