Monday, May 30, 2005

Back Soon

by Tom Bozzo

It's a fine day, and I have to go to Brat Fest to find out who has been Googling the term "Johnny and the Nakomans" (the band consisting of, among others, my former next-door neighbor, a local liberal gadfly and former back-yard neighbor, and our former Republican U.S. Representative, none of whom would have had direct knowledge of this blog) among other activities. Plus, I have to figure out how to extract pictures from the camera phone.

Regular visitors may be reassured that normal posting will resume later today.

Update late Monday: Let's try tomorrow. It was a Bad Blogging Day as I forgot to bring the digital camera or, failing that, even the camera phone to snap Brat Mania at the Expo Center. Plus, I had the date wrong for the Briggs-Klug-Levitan Experience (which was yesterday). The Brat Fest website doesn't seem to have been updated with the total, so I can't tell how they fared relative to last year.

At least I think I taught John that if he scoops out custard with the spoon right-side-up, he'll get to eat more of it and wear less.

Last, Phantom Scribbler's comment suggests that there may be arbitrage opportunities in the sandwich markets. Just yesterday, I carried half a turkey sub with me on the return trip to Madison on Suzanne's behalf — poor as the pizza scene may be here, the subs are far worse.
Hey, save a Boca Brat for me!
ye gads, Mr. K plays... well, so I've heard. hmm.
Ok, how much later? Its almost midnight and I for one am getting worried :-P
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