Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Zero Inspiration...

by Tom Bozzo

...so I'm going to have some ice cream and watch Doug Liman's Go, which I've been meaning to pop in the DVD player ever since I had to act out "rave" in the January blogger dinner Hoopla extravaganza.
I got suckered into buying "Go" out of a DVD goober bin in Target. I didn't think much of it, but perhaps your mileage will vary.
I actually saw "Go" during its original theatrical release, and liked it well enough then and with a couple viewings on video to spend $6 on it -- in my case, from a checkout display at Best Buy.

The Pulp Fiction-lite story has a number of misfires (most of the violence, IMHO), but I still think the film has a few great visuals (esp. the opening credits and the rave scene), portions of the misadventures in the second and third acts are amusing enough, plus Sarah Polley's in it.

I should note that when I first saw it (in 1999), I seemed to be by far the oldest person at Hilldale Theatre. The rest of the audience quite resembled the minivan-driving teenage ravers to whom Sarah Polley sells the allergy meds in lieu of ecstasy. Probably had something to do with Katie Holmes being at the peak of her "Dawson's Creek" fame at the time.

In the same era, for the Gwyneth Paltrow "Emma," I was the youngest audience member, and the only unaccompanied male. There's an alienation-from-my-gender moment for you.
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