Sunday, June 12, 2005

More Uses For My Copious Spare Time

by Tom Bozzo

For no good reason, I've never gotten into graphic novels, though that might have to change. Apart from discovering that another of my neighbors from the early college era is in that business, I see that the latest inspiration for the LUGNET .spacers — i.e., other grown-ups who build LEGO spaceships in their spare time, copious or otherwise — is Ministry of Space by Warren Ellis, Chris Weston, and Laura Martin. Apart from having an interesting alternative-history plot, in which the British instead of the Americans capture the cream of German rocket science at the end of WWII, its artwork appears to amusingly take off from the wonderfully wacky designs of postwar British aviation, for which I harbor a long-standing soft spot (my favorite is the English Electric Lightning).
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