Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thursday Baby Extra: Return of the Pink Paisley Blanket!

by Tom Bozzo

From a play group yesterday, Julia demonstrates a toy to visiting Baby J.

Note to newer visitors, the pink paisley blanket seemed to be somewhere in nearly every picture of Julia early on.

Indeed, if you search the term "pink paisley blanket" at, three of the top four returns are pictures of our happy baby. Like Phantom Scribbler, I've been observing periodic visits that lead from the Google image search to various pictures in the baby archives. This phenomenon was not new to Nina, who had search visitors for some of her travel photography some months ago, but who also used somewhat descriptive filenames for the pictures.

Apart from being the path of least effort, I figured that maintaining the camera names would help thwart random searchers, but as it happens, Google image search is smarter than that, drawing in information from the surrounding web page to supply context when necessary. Damn them!

I'm still deciding where the dividing line is between freaking out and being happy that I'm linked enough that this stuff shows up as high-ranking search returns. For now, I'm leaning towards the latter. However, I should probably be alert to the possibility of a second career pursuing copyright violators.
Ah, you are much calmer than I am. I might have been calmer, if I were more convinced of my ability to track down copyright violators and other evildoers.
Well, to the extent I'm concerned about evildoers (something I'm generally less worried about than the state of babyproofing of the house), I'm more concerned about flesh-and-blood weirdos in local public places.

As for copyright violators, I'm trying to figure out how I'd use Google image search to find out whether an image had been misappropriated. I figure, given the penalties for copyright violations, I only need to get lucky once and there's a year of ivy league tuition for someone.
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