Sunday, June 19, 2005

I Am A Proud Daddy Blogger

by Tom Bozzo

Thanks to these kids, and the World's Greatest Wife.

Happy Father's Day!
To you too, Bryan!
Happy Father's Day indeed and congrats on Julia's special day. I know your extended family is thrilled to be in Madison on this most gorgeous week-end. I hope you're eating MFC. It always appears to me that for Mother's Day, Madisonians head for the Arboretum and for Father's Day they head for MFC.
Thanks, Nina. We couldn't have ordered better weather! This is the first time my brother's been here in the warm season (after a couple of Thanksgiving visits), so now he has a totally inaccurate view of the Madison climate.

As for food, we had Marigold Kitchen cater today's lunch, and we're off to the Memorial Union Terrace later for an ice cream dinner.
Happy late father's day! Your kids are adorable.
You must be a busy daddy blogger as well!
PS: Thanks, yours too. Should I establish a Flickr account to provide some insurance against my ISP lowering the boom for my overuse of web space, I will try to remember to join the pixies so I can keep up with them.

Mark: Yes, playing Dad (with both children now at least a little mobile), gardening, and putting food on the table has been very time-consuming.
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