Monday, July 04, 2005

Slow(er) Blogging Ahead

by Tom Bozzo

I'm off at the crack of dawn tomorrow for some business travel, so updates may be scarce until later in the week.

Those of you with high tolerance for boredom or lots of time on your hands can tune in to the webcast of the Postal Rate Commission hearings on Wednesday at Depending on the exact pace of the action — hearings begin at 9:30 Eastern time and I'm the third scheduled witness — I expect to be testifying late morning or early afternoon Eastern time.
Do me a favor and keep the price of political mailings down ;)
Cool! sorry I missed that.
Oscar: You haven't missed anything yet (as of late Tuesday evening). This rate case has been unusually dull so far, but I'm in the group of witnesses with contentious subject matter, so maybe that'll change.

Tetricus: I'll do my best :).
God knows we need more political mailings that automatically become unrecycled garbage, fill up our landfills, destroy trees, and eviscerate our environment.

Best of luck on the testimony.
Not to worry Bryan, I "recycled" many a Bush/Cheney GOTV handbills that talked about Kerry killing babies while I canvassed in Florida.
I kind of like your style, tetricus. If we weren't such political opposites, I'd think we'd drop the drawbridge and be more friendly.
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