Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Baby Extra: The Adventure in the Overturned Tent

by Tom Bozzo

It turned over after Julia crawled in, but couldn't crawl back out over the threshold. That did not diminish the fun, though sadly I couldn't find the camcorder to film the tent moseying its way across the floor of the screen porch.

And they can both play in an enclosed space without killing each other? Damn. Share with me your anti-sibling-rivalry tips!
In a way, there's no secret. We lucked out in that John started out with lots of love for his little sister, which we were careful to positively reinforce at nearly every opportunity.

Since Julia has been crawling, disputes over toys have been the biggest issue. We hear quite a bit of "No, Julia, NO!!" We actually will allow him to keep "special" toys away from her (a playgroup-coping method of long standing), and even to take those toys away (gently) if necessary -- and he has to get a replacement toy for her if he does so. Seems to be working well so far, though I'm as interested in anyone as to how long the honeymoon will last...
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