Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Stupid Questions And The Answers They Deserve

by Tom Bozzo

Two of them grace the cover of this week's Time magazine.

1. "Can Condi Rice save Iraq?"

Only if a freak lab accident endows her with super powers. This will not stop Rice '08 boosters from taking credit for however victory ends up being defined, in turn keeping the outcome of my Rice '08 bet with Nina interesting.

Update: In the comments, Ken Houghton provides the answer to the related question of would Condi Rice save Iraq if she could.

2. "Does God have a place in science class?" (This is the question raised by "the push to teach intelligent design.'")

If the freak accident granted her super powers, she would f*ck it up even more.

The shuttle just landed safely. Mars, bitches!

Though I doubt that even Super John Marburger and the ghost of Wernher von Braun together could get the Bush Administration to Mars.
Tom, it seems to me that if God or a god created the universe (which I am quite unsure about), that studying the mechanism by which he or she did so would be the most interesting thing we could ever study. But, I'm not one to quibble.

As far as Mars goes, wouldn't it be sweet if someone could pull out a shovel and dig into the Martian surface looking for life or other interesting things? I hope that the future of the human race entails some greater understanding of our place in the universe, hell I'd settle for knowing there was life somewhere else in the Milky Way. The only way we'll ever figure this stuff out is to start planet hopping somewhere. If anyone understands nucular energy, which might be necessary to get us to Mars and elsewhere, um...
Bryan: the latest post is somewhat responsive.

It would be indeed be interesting if the mechanisms of divine intervention became a serious topic of scientific research.
(That would be this one.)
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