Thursday, August 18, 2005

It's Marginal Utility's 518th Postiversary!

by Tom Bozzo

It's hard to believe, but to the guarded curiosity of my spouse and the notice of nearly nobody else, I started this blog one year ago today.

If you visit the way-back files, you can see the general pattern of discourse here forming early: three posts about food, one about the curious political disease befalling recent mayors of St. Paul, Minnesota among other burning political controversies of those days when there was cause for guarded optimism that George W. Bush could be sent to an earlier retirement, and a comment on Canon Law (IANACL). Then, lest one think this wasn't an economics blog, there was a post noting the shocking implications of labor-saving technological change in the design of Great Lakes freighters for employment at the ports of Duluth-Superior.

You might think I'd gone on vacation in Minnesota just after starting the blog or something.

I'd like to thank all the year's visitors, especially the commenting pixies (possibly excepting the couple of you who have moved me to use the administrative powers of deletion); my blog pals, especially Jeremy and Nina for inspiration and encouragement in the early days, and Oscar for permitting this blog and The Columnist Manifesto to have a Special Relationship; and linkers one and all — not fully enumerated here, perhaps a post for another time.

I will try not to bore you all to death with posts 519 et seq. Thanks again!
Congrats on the blogiversary!
Yeah, congratulations -- even though I didn't rank a special thank you in the post. Sniff.
Tonya: Thanks. I knew you could get by on your good looks, wit, and sense of humor until such time as I can bribe you with pie.

Bryan: Thanks to you, too. You certainly get the most loyal commenter award. Always happy to be kept on my toes.
Congratulations! I love you,

Man oh man, what can I say after that last comment?

Tom: it is through this crazy blogging world that I met you and Suzanne. How cool is that! Of course, you are so much more than a blogger pal now. And still, MU is there, with thoughts on everything from children to cars to politics, each day (well, most days) greeting me with its wonderful, eclectic, meticulously thought out texts.

Thank you -- for the blog, for your unbelievable kindness, for your friendship.

As the lone non-Madisonian here, I must offer congratulations on behalf of the rest of the blogosphere. You have a great blog. My only complaint is that between the great baby products, the Legos, and the iPod entanglements, this blog has cost me some (well-spent) money!
Congratulations! May you continue to average >1 post per day of entertaining and insightful blogging.
PS: Thanks so much, you make an excellent ambassador for the rest of the blogosphere.

Nina and Oscar: Having you as real-world as well as blog pals makes the whole crazy thing worthwhile.

Suzanne: XXXOOO. I love you, too!
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