Thursday, September 01, 2005

Help Needed

by Tom Bozzo

If you are able, now would be a good time to make a donation towards the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, for instance to the American Red Cross.

Update: Post bumped. Billmon has a useful annotated list of charities at Whiskey Bar. I've also added a link to the liberal blogosphere's new campaign (proceeds go to the Red Cross) in the sidebar. Liberal blogpals who might wish to join in, please see here.

Update 2: In comments, Cathy B provides a link to high-resolution NOAA satellite imagery of areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. Images such as this (16 megapixel JPEG) are really overwhelming.
NOAA posted satellite images this morning. It really gives you an appreciation for the scale of the destruction. Give more!
Here's the link with all the photos. The first one given is where my sister lived. Sigh.
Thanks for the links, Cathy. Wow. Are they OK?
Stunned, but OK. Their house survived but they've left the area so are worried about looting, their friends who weren't so lucky, how far their school-aged children will get behind, etc. NPR had people from Slidell on the radio this morning - no FEMA, no Red Cross, no aid yet. What a nightmare.
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