Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hey, It's Lurker Day!

by Tom Bozzo

Update: Spousal feedback suggests I was too subtle in the original post, below. I am, in fact, inviting regular visitors who are not regular commenters to say hello in the comments.


I'd been trying to remember how long it's been since International Blog Comment Week, the festival that encourages non-commenting visitors to say 'hey' to bloggers they read, but I see from Pharyngula that it's the nearly-as-good Lurker Day.

Unlike many of the big kids, I count visitors (when I'm counting) by the dozens rather than the hundreds or thousands, but that's enough that there must be a number of you out there who I don't even know in the senses afforded by the Internets. So if you are a regular but non-commenting visitor, please feel free to visit the comments and say 'hey,' who you are, why you're here, what you like or even hate (the baby pictures? the SUV bashing? the irregular posting schedule?)... whatever. Thanks!
Hey. I'm folkbum. I consider you a valuable part of the Cheddarsphere.
Thanks, Jay. I like "Cheddarsphere." Did I mention you have my vote in the MKE blog thing?
Hi Tom,

I regularly read your blog here at the Madison Community Foundation.

Paul Houseman
Hey Tom,

I don't know if I count as a lurker, but hey, I read your blog everday. I'm a big fan of the baby pics and the SUV bashing (I drive a mini-van, thank you very much).
Paul, welcome and thanks for commenting.

Brayden, I think we have enough contact one way or another that I don't count you as a lurker. Not sure why I haven't included you and Tina in the 'pixiesphere' along with your fellow AZ sociology bloggers, though. Might have to change that. Hope your kids are settling in well post-move!

Hi. Cathy shamed me into posting since I do no more than lurk here. I visit for the pictures of the kids (and the occasional car or gadget post). All the economics stuff is in the outer atmosphere, and I still haven't received my complimentary rocket ship from NASA. :n

Thanks for commenting, Don.
I've made an occasional comment here but it has been long enough without a comment to qualify me as a lurker I suppose.
Hi Mark!

Anonymous: welcome back!
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