Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mmmm, Googlicious

by Tom Bozzo

Having the Site Meter on for the fall traffic survey lets me see some of the funny ways some people find their way here from Google and other web search sites.

For instance, someone just got here by searching "moon+pork+nasa" on Technorati. Within a few minutes of that, I got a visit from the nasa.gov domain (not the first time for this visitor, I think). Do I need to clarify that I'm fundamentally pro-space exploration, but think human space flight is less scientifically useful than robotic exploration? I don't even mind the Prometheus nuclear power project, if it actually were used to bring advanced robotic probes like the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter to fruition.

The most common search terms leading here, perhaps not surprisingly, are variations on "marginal utility." This blog and the other Marginal Utility are both on the first page of Google search returns, which is topped by the Wikipedia page for marginal utility, which actually isn't great. Its 1995-ish layout notwithstanding, this Drexel U. page and its followers strikes me as a more useful presentation (looks like it's pitched at the level of an undergraduate intermediate micro course), if you came here looking for that and have made it this far.

Some other recent hits:
After all this time, you finally got me. I misspelled Babs in the comments section. Now I have given your blog prominence to all those others who 1) have misspelled her name and 2) are interested in her energy usage. I did not use her name in vain, BTW.

I wouldn't say that nameless ratted you out. She just made a post about your experiment and N.Z. Bear or whatever the hell his name is saw the post. I'm still a "Slithering Reptile" b/c your and Oscar's linkage to my blog doesn't help me evolve. I really, really, really want to be a "Flappy Bird" so I hope Mr. Bear and the internet gods forgive you for your massive linkage project.
I get 30 or more hits a day from people who Google Ann Coulter nude.
It's interesting to compare the size of the populations of desperate microeconomics students and searchers for wingnut porn.

Bryan: N.Z. Bear has yet to extend forgiveness, and I have no plans to ask for it, so you might need to construct your own ecosystem identity.
It would be rude of me to comment that searchers for Ann Coulter nude are just those having trouble seeing her Adam's apple and hoping for better evidence.

In a related note, Stephen Moore is expostulating on CNBC about Rita and refineries, which may cause me to go over to Econobrowser and note that no one required that all those refineries be placed in a hurricane area.

(The cynic in me would note that the offer to sell SPR was so undersubscribed that the publicity is a tempest in a Teapot Dome.)
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