Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sun. Ext. (Baby): Out On The Waters

by Tom Bozzo

Suzanne's aunt and uncle were kind enough to take us out on a boat ride this afternoon, and my first question was, where the heck was everyone? While we didn't have the lake entirely to ourselves, the day was much too nice to spend inside watching the Packers lose.

Our challenge was to keep the kids from sqirming out of their life jackets. They actually did really well.

Daddy and Julia at the dock. Suzanne's comment/question: would people recognize me with 3 days' beard and wearing a Ford cap (from AirVenture)?

John, as we neared the gateway to Lake Monona, a.k.a. the Rutledge St. bridge.

Rays of sunlight and smooth water on Lake Monona, heading towards downtown Madison.
(Even though there were few other boats out to stir things up, it's still frickin' hard to take a mostly clear picture from a moving motorboat!)

As usual, interested parties may click through for larger images.
Maybe little Julia and little John were concerned that dad will sink and so they wanted to share their life jackets with you?
The issue was more that on a previous sailboat outing, we'd broken with tradition and caved into the kids' fussiness -- they'll both find their respective pieces of flotation gear more comfortable when they're a little bigger..

As for me, this is one of those minor risks I'm willing to take. However, I wouldn't consider getting out of a boat to swim in deep water w/o a life jacket -- unlike (apparently) those guys who are still in the lake somewhere, and whose boat was found adrift near Warner Park.
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