Monday, September 12, 2005

More Counterfactualist Job Performance Analysis: A Preview

by Tom Bozzo

In the next installment of the series (previously, here, here and here), I hope to take on the Macchiavelli of Mayberry himself. No time for the details this morning, as the case is involved, but to hit a couple of main points, he's inflated considerably in the non-counterfactualist analysis by one small historical accident with a big effect, as well as an inexplicable inability of opposing strategists to implement key elements of his M.O. The latter may take us to my Crackpot Theory of the 2004 Election. Plus, Rovian sh*t-throwing just isn't that brilliant. Given that they undermine the narrative of Bush the Take-Charge Protector, a strategy such as post-Katrina buck-passing to local authorities (e.g., this) should be seen for the desperation move that it is.
The local and state authorities are responsible for many of the problems that occurred due to Katrina. That's a fact, not desperation.
I have previously acceded to the point that there is blame to go around. However, detailed timelines published over the weekend in the NY Times, LA Times, and Washington Post all make it clear that the Feds compounded some problems and created others.

My point remains that "I will protect you provided that local and state authorities place their requests for help through proper channels" was rather emphatically not the Bush pitch in the 2004 election.
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