Saturday, September 10, 2005

Interlude: Worlds Collide (pt. 2), Words Eaten

by Tom Bozzo

The action this morning in the basement: James the Really Frickin' Splendid Engine pulled a six-car train in a wide circle around a mutant velociraptor from Lego's new line of sets with No Intellectually Protectable Relationship To J*****ic P**k. No picture, sorry, as John was not willing to re-create the scene for the camera.

It's not really my thing, which is trains and science-fictiony air and space vehicles. But John is obsessed with trucks and dinosaurs — as well as Thomas and (grit teeth and flash hands) Blue's Clues — and actually expressed some disappointment that we didn't have a truck to build.

Now, when John's Oldest Cousin was about to lose his status as the Only Grandchild, I had suggested in a curmudgeonly manner that the day might arrive when Oldest Cousin couldn't get stuff just for being Oldest Cousin.

So what do I do under my own roof? Of course I played Indulgent Parent and, while ostensibly on a diaper run, got something of a twofer with this one: a truck and a dinosaur, together against conventional reason. The sets, I have to say, are kind of cool, even if sensitive parents may need to delete-option the BFGs from the vehicles.

Apologies to Oldest Cousin.
Ok, so then what happens when James the Really Frickin' Splendid Engine and the mutant velociraptor are both attacked by the Giant Crawling Baby Monster?
The Helpless Toddler Civilians scream in utter panic until the Mighty Morphin' Parent Rangers intervene.
Make that Mighty Morphin' Power Parents. That's the ticket!
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