Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Annotated Random Ten

by Tom Bozzo

IvyBeautiful (iTMS link)
Serge GainsbourgTiticaca
Je suis venue te dire que je m'en vais
The BatsNo Time For Your KindSilverbeet
I Could Live In Hope
Eric Matthews
Fried Out Broken Girl (iTMS link)
It's Heavy In Here
Modern English
Face Of WoodAfter The Snow
Ultra Vivid Scene
This Isn't Real (via Billmon)
Ultra Vivid Scene
The Woodentops
It Will ComeWell Well Well...
Solar Democrat
The Stars Are Insane
My Bloody Valentine
She Loves You No LessEcstasy And Wine

The iTunes Music Store Esoterica Index of this FRT — 100% less the fraction of songs available on the iTMS — is a whopping 80%, quite the turnaround from last week's 20%. Glad to know I can still come close to blanking a 2 million song database.

I have a hard time understanding how "After The Snow" (best known for the hit "I Melt With You," but a pretty good album overall) isn't available yet. Must be some rights issue(s)?
I saw Modern English at Radio City Music Hall many years ago (opening for Roxy Music, around the time they released that final[?] four-song EP). About 2/3 of the way through their set, the lead singer called out "Why aren't you dancing?"

I thought it, but someone else actually said, "Because you won't let us." As in, BORING live.

That said, I would be amazed if iTunes didn't have at least the single, which is used in some advert and ubiquitous on the nostalgia that is NYC-radio-stations these days.
Yeah, they played a concert at the U of D early in my radio days, and long after their prime. They came down to the station for an interview (not done by me) and my one recollection is that they looked scraggly and smelled like mothballs.

"I Melt With You" is available, via some eighties new wave or hits compilation, on iTMS, but that's it.
Saw that. If you search without quotes, you also get a book on how to pronounce Ancient Greek and a chance to subscribe to a year of "G-d's iPod," at which point I worry about playing the mote in G-d's eye.

You're making me wonder about Husker Du and Horselips now...
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