Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wednesday Family Extra: The October Birthday Girls And Boy

by Tom Bozzo

The entire rest of my little family was born in October. Suzanne is up first — hers was yesterday, and we had a very yummy birthday dinner at Restaurant Muramoto downtown. Muramoto is pretty much our favorite place in town these days.

We've been talking up the big 03 a bit with John, and perhaps as a result Mommy's birthday was more traumatic for him than it should have been. He did get to blow out the candles on the Whole Foods two-bite cupcakes. There will be more rough birthday sailing ahead as Julia's is up next, a week from Saturday.

Why on earth is John holding onto that piece of banana?

The Birthday Girl and the Why Isn't It My Birthday Too Boy.

Julia asks, do I get a cupcake, too? (A: Yes.)
I remember my older daughter being mysteriously sick every single year on the day of my younger daughter's birthday. It was not fake, it was very real. And very predictable. Every year. January 19th, an otherwise extremely healthy girl would give in to some virus or other.
...and of course, happy birthday to the awesome threesome! Those cold January nights are good for something, aren't they?
Happy Birthday to the Bozzo family.

Great restaurant choice. Muramoto is a favorite of mine too.
Thanks, Nina and Tonya, from the birthday contingent!

Apart from the excellent food, and specifically excellent food of the sort that we don't and perhaps even couldn't readily prepare at home, something I particularly like about Muramoto is that the tabs there always seem to come out smaller than I expect.
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