Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Gargle Blaster

by Tom Bozzo

After a mile's walk on an unusually summery Wisconsin fall evening to the friendly neighborhood wine bar (which also has a beer on tap), the first pint of the slower-Delawarean Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA is incredibly refreshing. Of the taste descriptors offered by the brewer, I find the floral and citrus notes are most prominent. What a "comparable" "busty" Chardonnay would be, I have no frickin' idea.

The second 60 Minute IPA was not unlike being hit by the proverbial slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick. Interestingly, its alcohol content, 6.0%, is not that much more than more conventional beers with contents around 5%, let alone Dogfish's 42-proof 120 Minute IPA. I am apparently getting old.
I want to see some drunken blog posts next time!!!
After a mile's walk on an unusually summery Wisconsin fall evening to the friendly neighborhood wine bar (which also has a beer on tap)

That must be something like living in heaven. A local grocery store here stocks Dogfish. Good stuff, but I have to drive my car to go and get it.
Bryan, is my Darwin's birthday martini not enough?

Alan: It was a pretty good deal for 1 October in Madison. I had neglected to mention the frozen custard place where we stopped on the way back. (It actually does a reasonably brisk business year-round, though not usually so much of it outside and wearing shorts.)

I'd been to the original Dogfish brewpub in Rehoboth Beach a few years ago (food and beer were both good), so it's been interesting to see them go national. I've had the Dogfish 90 Minute UPA, too, which is also very good, though strong enough that consumption needs to be monitored more carefully. A beer connoiseur colleague once said the 120 is a bit over the top.
Sweet, you got linked to by the DI! I would definitely consider that an honor. Hope you set a few of their supporters straight.

But, with drunken blogging, the martini should be empty and the post less coherent.
Bryan: Indeedy, it was an honor. As I recall, they called me a "Darwinian dogmatist" or something substantially equivalent. Most of the DI-referred visitors seemed satisfied to come by and leave quietly in the presumed knowledge that I was going to a hot place I don't actually believe in; I only got one e-mailed link to someone's poetry about the evilutionazis' war on Christianity. (One was more than enough, actually.)

As for martini-blogging, I wouldn't want things to get *too* incoherent around here.
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