Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday NonrandomTen

by Tom Bozzo

The Stone Roses
Something Burning (iTMS link)
The Complete Stone Roses
The Pastels
Something Going On
Creation Purple Compilation
The Mighty Lemon Drops
Something Happens (iTMS link, alt. version)Happy Head
The Buzzcocks
Something's Gone Wrong Again
Singles Going Steady
The Jesus & Mary Chain
Something's Wrong
(iTMS link)
My Bloody Valentine
Sometimes (iTMS link)
Lost In Translation (soundtrack)
Robyn Hitchcock
Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl
I Often Dream Of Trains
The Sneetches
Sometimes That's All We HaveSometimes That's All We Have
The Railway Children
Somewhere South
Song 1154

See Scrivenings for the Alphabetical Ten rules. I cheated by nonrandomly selecting #1.

The iTunes Music Store Esoterica Index of this Ten — 100% less the fraction of songs available on the iTMS — 65% (only partial credit is awarded for the downbeat live take of the Lemon Drops song). Only the Railway Children are totally absent from the iTMS library.
I meant to say that this list scores high on the Phantom Scribbler Familiarity Index. Only two bands that I'd never heard of!
Uh-oh, I'd better get cracking on digitizing some more vinyl!
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